The Kindergarten and Primary sections of the Academy broadly follow the British system of education but the curriculum has been tailored to cater for the needs and interests of the multi-cultural student body. We are fortunate to be able to draw upon and develop this natural resource. Students learn about each other and the world by interacting and informing each other about their cultures. Within this framework, the curriculum is well resourced with textbooks and educational equipment brought from the U.K. The school’s curriculum aims:

  • To enable all students to achieve at the very highest levels of their capabilities.
  • To ensure that our education is a partnership between the students, the staff and the parents.
  • To provide every student with the experience of challenging learning styles that value not only individual thinking but also skills of investigating, experimenting, discussing, debating and concluding.

The English National Curriculum was implemented in schools there from September 1989. It has been a controversial educational initiative and has undergone constant and often drastic changes ever since its inception. Current thinking favours the more traditional teaching methods and the importance of numeracy and literacy, which have always been part of the Coast Academy ethos.

Recognising the individuality of each child, emphasis is placed on learning that meets the needs of individual academic development. Apart from basic work in English Language Skills, Reading, Mathematics and Science, the students are also introduced to History, Geography, Music, French, Kiswahili and Computer Studies. Well equipped libraries further support the children’s learning.